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Welcome to the Adore Her Beauty Blog

Do you love makeup and cosmetics? Its a great and fun way to outwardly self-express and a vehicle to connect with other women who share a like interest. That is why I am here. More importantly, do you feel confidently beautiful within yourself? Having that inner confidence is a wonderful feeling, but some days you just might not feel beautiful. Some days you may dread looking in the mirror or even putting on clothes. That is also why I am here. I absolutely can relate. Sometimes, I don't feel beautiful. There are many days I look in the mirror and I don't like what is staring back. Too many times I've been my own worst enemy: critiquing my body. skin and my hair. Then there are those days where I feel like a beautiful queen because at the end of the day I know I am. Without a doubt, I know you are too. Sometimes we just need a little encouragement throughout our journey. Having kids, putting others first. Dedicating so much time and effort into projects, the community, family...everyone but yourself. While its a noble thing, we as women have to set aside time to take care of ourselves.  That is why I created Adore Her Beauty. I knew that I wanted to use my love for makeup to connect with women. I didn't want the focus to be solely on looking beautiful but also feeling beautiful and confident. We were created by a flawless Designer, fearfully and wonderfully made. In those times that you may forget this, Adore Her Beauty is here to provide a friendly, sisterly reminder, offer some encouragement and even invite you to visit our studio for a relaxing facial or skin treatment. On our blog, we'll update you with the happenings at our newly opened skin studio, share skin care tips, makeup tips and serve a dose of empowerment to help you get through, feel beautiful and look beautiful too. You deserve nothing less! Comment below and let me know some things you'd like to see on our blog. Take Care Loves! 




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