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4 Reasons Why You'll Never Have Great Skin!

Imagine you just received an amazing facial from your esthetician. You felt so relaxed and pampered during your service. She or he performed treatments and protocols that were best suited for your skin's type and characteristics. In addition, they also sent you home with a wealth of knowledge and information to help improve your skin. Now you're on the right track to having the skin you've always wanted! Your skin may look and feel great for the moment, but here are 4 reasons you'll never have great skin in the long term.

1. You don't have a skin goal.

"A goal without a plan is just a wish."

If you don't have goals or a course of action to achieving your best skin, then you don't have anything to strive towards. There is still hope! Visit your local spa or solo esthetician for a professional consultation and begin working together to create a goal and ways to improve your skin. Don't just wish for it. Work for it!

2. You've had a facial or two but are not visiting your esthetician regularly.

"Its not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, its what we do consistently."

-Tony Robbins

You may visit the spa as a treat or time of relaxation and de-stressing. Yes! Those are added benefits of day spas and skin care centers. The purpose is to relax and take off the stresses of the day, but don't allow this to be the only reason for visiting a spa or skin center, especially if you don't have a strict skin care regimen at home. Facials are not only for pampering and beautifying. Most estheticians use and recommend professional products with active ingredients that can cause positive changes in the skin. They also implement protocols and use tools that clean the skin on a deeper level, sloughing off dead skin cells and clearing out dirt and debris from the pores. The results of these processes does has a time limit as the skin is in a constant state of regeneration. This means that your skin cells will turn over and will need to be sloughed off or exfoliated. Again, if you are not following a regimen at home and are not seeing your esthetician regularly, those skin cells are collecting and building on the surface of your skin. You can better achieve your skin goals if you visit your esthetician at least monthly.

3. You don't have a daily skin regimen.

"Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success!

-Henry Ford

Not having a daily skin regimen but receiving skin treatments is not only working against your esthetician but it is also flushing your money down the drain. Sure, you paid to relax, but after the relaxation fades what do you do when you take a look in the mirror and notice dark spots, sun damage, or wrinkles? Correcting years of skin damage and reversing bad skin habits is not a fly-by-night process. One or two facials isn't going to resolve the issue like the wave of a magic wand that erases all problems. Its going to take commitment and dedication from your esthetician and YOU! This means that you should take her product recommendations into consideration and follow them as instructed. Try not to see it as being pushed into spending more money after you've already paid for your service. Rather, understand that your esthetician has had training and dedicated hours to learning about the skin. As a professional, they know what products and ingredients work best to clear up skin issues with commitment from you of course. Consider it an investment in reaching your skin goals. Morning and night you should be cleansing your skin with a quality, professional-grade product. You should also be exfoliating weekly/bi-weekly, including using a moisturizer and sun protection. This is called a daily skin regimen: using your recommended products daily in conjunction with visiting your esthetician at least monthly to achieve your skin goals. You don't have to commit to using so many products in the beginning, but putting better skin habits into practice is the only way to gain ground. Talk with your local esthetician to determine which products would work best with your skin and begin your home skin regimen!

4. Using products that may hinder and not help.

If you have a skin regimen that's great! What is just as important as having a regimen is what you're using in that regimen. As previously stated, your esthetician may use and have access to professional-only products that will evoke changes in the skin and help you get the results you want. Certain products purchased in drug stores, supercenters, and malls etc may contain harsh chemicals, dyes, parabens and other things that may strip the skin of its natural oils, block the pores or simply not do anything at all. You want to use products that will promote a positive reaction and help produce the results you want. Don't allow yourself to be deterred by pretty packaging, price point or even the popularity of a product. Again, consider it an investment in your overall skin health to use professional products. Make the commitment to purchasing products within a line that will work instead of spending so much on products that produce little to no results. Don't know which professional line you should try? Schedule a consultation with your esthetician to help determine which products will be suitable for achieving your skin goals.

Having better skin, reversing years of damage and bad habits is possible but it will take a level of dedication and commitment on your part. With maintaining a daily regimen, using professional grade products and connecting with a skin care professional, you can't lose! Start your journey today! Raise your level of commitment and see the best skin of your life!

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