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Meet Amazing Mom Alisa Lashelle

Meet Alisa Lashelle Davis. Affectionately called "LuLu" by friends and loved ones. I am super delighted to write about such a warm, friendly and supportive woman. When I asked if she would like to be apart of this project, Alisa didn't hesitate one bit! She has always been supportive, willing to give a helping hand and a promoter of good causes. I know this from experience. During my time working with the youth at our local church, which her daughter was a part of the group. Alisa was one of the very few parents who always made herself available. Whether it was time, or providing monetary donations, she wanted to ensure that not only her daughter Alysse but the rest of the children had whatever was needed to help make the ministry a success. Because of Alisa's great qualities and attributes, she's been selected to be Adore Her Beauty's first featured Amazing Mom!

I had the opportunity to speak with Alisa, gaining a bit perspective as she opened up about her personal life and also what it is like for her being a Mother. 

Hello Alisa! Can you tell us a little about yourself? 

I’m 33 years old, I’m a caring, humble, selfless person and I love to see others succeed and accomplish things in life. Currently, I'm in school recovering my bachelors degree in Elementary Education. I teach Pre-K at Bains Lower Elementary. I love spending time with my mom and I’m very involved in my church. I attend New Covenant Christian Center in Baker, Louisiana.


You're a Mother of one. What is special about your baby girl?

My 10 year old daughter Alysse McKai is the epitome of amazing. She’s such a kind hearted little girl. She has the mind of an adult and the spirit of a grandmother. She’s super smart and very talented. She’s a dancer, an actor and a youth speaker. I think when God gave me her, that was the best blessing I could have ever received.

Would you like to have more children?


I’m undecided at the moment. Sometimes I do and other times I don’t. Why? Because I think my daughter is perfect in all aspects and it would be too hard to compare.

What is your parenting style and why do you choose to parent in that manner?

I believe if you spare the rod, you spoil the child. I discipline her rather it’s punishment or whippings. I choose this manner of parenting because my mom did the same with me and I believe I turned out pretty well.

Parenting is hard work.  There is a saying: "It takes a village to raise a child." Do you believe you have a good support system?

Yes I do. My Mom. I also look up to her because she's been the perfect example for me. She has always managed to keep going: From the loss of her mother to a divorce from my dad. She was still the best mother a girl could ask for. She was a teen parent that made it happen for me. Yet she went to college and became very successful. 

Speaking of success. Do you have any dreams or goals you've had to set aside to take care of Alysse? Will you pursue them again?

I attended and graduated college once, however it really wasn’t what I wanted to do as a career. So  yes, I did sit it aside for a while but I am currently chasing after the goals of being an educator.

Wow! Working Mother and a student! Are you dating or seeing anyone special amidst being busy?

Yes! I have the most amazing boyfriend (LOL) in my opinion. His name is Will.

When did you decide it was a good time for Will to meet Alysse?

We actually waited almost a year. I wanted to be sure that it wasn't a fling and had potential for a good future. 

Being a parent sometimes mean making tough decisions. Has there been any other time you've had to make a tough decision concerning personal relationships?

Yes. I was engaged to be married and my entire wedding was paid for. 3 months before the wedding, I decided to call it off because it was not the plan God had for my life. I listened to the voice of God and I went with my move. Needless to say that 3 1/2 years later I have the best relationship I’ve ever had. With the help of the Lord, my family and friends, I made it through.

I'm sure that took a lot of bravery and courage to walk away. It must've been hard. 

I have experienced a few hard times in my life. One of those times was when my grandmother passed. I loved that lady with everything in me. She helped my mom raise me because my mother was a teen parent. My GiGi was the best and it’s no one that could compare. I miss her and am thankful for the time I had with her. Its my experiences that have helped shape me into the woman I am today.

If you could give words of encouragement to a Mother who may be having a difficult time, what would you say to her?

Trust God, chase your dreams and never give up. Use you kids as your inspiration. They depend on you.

I want to take this time to thank Alisa for sharing her story! Truly hoped you enjoyed reading about her

and her beautiful family. If you would like to share your story to help empower, motivate and inspire your fellow woman, I would love to feature you! Write to 

Take Care,




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